ADVUP Srl, founded in November 2009, is specialized in direct emailing (in 2013 we delivered on behalf of clients 1200000000 emails) and ADM Srl, from November 2011, owns a circuit of affiliation that generates daily about 40 million contacts.

Now iQube is inheriting the specializations of the two companies.

iQube, through AdPerformance business units, ADM and ADVUP cater equally to direct clients, agencies, affiliate circuits and publishers with products and services that meet your needs.


iQube is specialized in direct email marketing.

With the aim of becoming one of the top players of the European market of email marketing, in 2014, the mission is to be considered (almost) done.

In the last 12 months we have in fact promoted through campaigns about 1.2 billion emails with 6 million registered users on our databases (an average of 2 emails every three days to every user)

Customers ranging from finance to fashion, from technology to services, from tourism to charity, telecommunications and automotive.

What we do:

We are specialized in Direct Email Marketing campaigns through our databases that currently serve the following countries:

– Portugal

– Belgium


– Spain

– France

– Italy

– UK

– Poland

All the names are collected and handled in compliance with privacy laws in force in the country where they were collected (in Italy it is 196/2003). The Annual churn rate (replacement) varies from around 20% in Italy to 10% in Portugal. For example, the Italian database increases about half a million addresses every year and the same number leaving the database. The gathering takes place on portals dedicated to gathering leads conveyed thanks to continuous web marketing campaigns.

The commercial offer:

The offer for companies and agencies

We provide quality service to anyone who wants to start a email marketing campaign in one of the countries where we manage lists.

For multiple orders, we work mainly with PURE PERFORMANCE remuneration based on clicks and leads obtained.

To order one shot evaluate from time to time whether to offer compensation to pure performance or blended options.